Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Being inspired by my lovely roommate and my mother and all the blogging they do, I've decided to come back to blogging to start chronicling my experiences as a recent college graduate starting her new job in a new city and state!

Now that I have the time to really devote myself to new personal projects without the worries of school work and residence life I'm looking forward to focusing more on things that have always made me happy, like writing as well as music, photography, and cooking. In the next few months to come I hope to develop a blog routine of sorts! I'm hoping to share my daily experiences, my thoughts, perhaps a weekly letter to someone that played some significant role in my day. My goal is to just start writing again and go from there!

Reading through my old blog posts from when I first opened my account in my freshman year of college I can't help but laugh about how dramatically different my view on life was back then. I've come so far in these past few years and really developed into the person I know I was meant to become. I hope to share these things with you!

So really, this is just going to be a new (or perhaps old) creative outlet for me to share my words, my thoughts, perhaps a poem, a short story, a song, a video, a photograph, just "stuff" with you to give you an insight into what makes me, "me".

So watch out world! Sydney is back at blogging!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Makeover by Lyndsay (a blurb from my novel)

I typically never went out with my roommate, Lyndsay on her weekly escapades to a nearby club. It just wasn’t my kind of thing. Tonight was different though. I just wanted to let go of all the stress of the previous week with its numerous tests and papers as well as boyfriend problems. I just wanted to get out and dance. Lyndsay was more than thrilled when I told her. She quickly ran to her closet and started going through her entire wardrobe trying to find something for me to wear. After I while I finally decided on a short black sequined dress. On any other night I would have never chosen it, but tonight seemed to call for it.

I pulled on the dress and a pair of leggings underneath. I began to try to put my hair up, but I have always been pretty horrible at that type of thing so I asked Lyndsay for help. I swear I have never seen that girl wear her hair the same way twice in one week. She must have some sort of schedule worked out or something. I would never be able to find that many hairstyles that I would even come remotely close to being able to do. With no surprise I sat down and the hair genie worked her magic on my ridiculously straight brunette hair. She whipped out curling irons, straightening irons, hairspray, mousse, combs, and bobby pins galore. Just when I thought my head couldn’t take her tugging at my hair anymore, she told me she was finished. “Hey Lynds, while you’re at it want to just do my make up too?” I said, partly kidding, but mostly not. Luckily this took less time to do than my hair. Just a couple minutes and voila! I was done!

As I walked towards the mirror on the other side of our room, I was a little nervous as to what I might see. When I approached, I could hardly recognize the girl looking back at me. Her bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle. They were accentuated by a perfect blend of black, gray, and purple on her eyelids. Her eyelashes seemed a mile long. They’ve always been quite lengthy, but tonight especially there was definitely no mistaking this girl had eyelashes to go around. The freckles that spotted the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks no longer looked adorable as they had once been called, but now had their own strange sense of sex appeal. Her lips were full and carefully covered with a thin layer or light pink lip gloss. Her rich brown hair was perfectly curled. It looked as though she was a doll manufactured to look this way. Her bangs were precisely pinned up in a way that allowed for her hair to still flow, but stay out of her face in anticipation for the great amount of dancing to follow in the night to come. For once she actually looked kind of hot. The cut of the dress was revealing just enough cleavage to catch a person’s attention, but not too much so as to give off the illusion that she may be sexually promiscuous. Her butt was perfectly defined in this dress that hugged every curve. Her legs, holy cow, her legs. Freeman legs is what her mother had often called them. All the women on her mother’s side of the family had been blessed with them. Strong muscular legs. They looked phenomenal in the dress as well. The dress had definitely proved to be a good choice. Also, perhaps the leggings didn’t need to be worn tonight. The entire outfit was tied together with an outstanding pair of red high heels that she had bought on a whim several years ago and had never actually worn. I couldn’t believe this girl looking back at me in the mirror was actually me.

Snapping back to reality, I looked at Lyndsay and said with a lot of self-assurance in my voice, “Let’s do this! But first...” I took off the leggings. If I was going to look this hot tonight, I might as well go all out, right?

Found Word Poetry

For class we were told to create a found word poem. A found word poem is when you go through a book and pick out random sentences and then rearrange them into a poem. I was at my roommate's house when I was doing this assignment and chose to use The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Here's what I came up with!

The sunset was too beautiful.
The bay was so perfectly blue.
The wind blew her hair forward.
He sat down next to her.
Her heart started beating faster.
There was nothing self-conscious or worried in his face.
She’d never trusted a boy to like her for something other than how she looked
She judged without reason
Motions were no longer connected to thoughts
She felt the excitement rising in her veins
She put her two hands on his chest.
Obviously she had an idea.
He held her tightly for just long enough.
When he pulled away his eyes were full
The look on his face made her want to stay there
She wished it, but she didn’t expect it would happen
Some people go out of their way to run into their crushes
Suddenly she realized how it looked
He came closer to her and put his arm around her shoulders.
Was his voice more tender now?
He still held her arms but more gently now.
She smiled, both inside and out
He’d met a woman he had loved enough to marry
And soon she would realize it as well.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Today was one of my full day of classes. I ended up missing my first class though because I got locked out of my room on my way to take a shower and had to wait for my roommate to get back to let me in! I missed Psychology of Childhood, but made it to Precalculus, then Honors and ended my classes for the day with Lighting Design.

Today was actually a really good class in lighting design. We began hanging lights and doing all the technical aspects of setting them up for one of the student's projects (there are actually only three students in my class). There were several points during the class where I felt really uncomfortable because I was up so high on the catwalk to do stuff with the lights, but all in all it wasn't so bad. The picture above is of the the theater I have my class in called the Pavilion Theater. It's this small octagon shaped building outside the library that is actually a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. I'm thinking maybe after this semester of learning lighting design I can help do lighting for my old community theater's show this summer.

Tonight I had rehearsal for Pirates again tonight. We had a sing through of the first act with the orchestra for the first time which was interesting. It will improve by showtime I'm sure!

Well, after an exhausting day I'm off to bed! Goodnight!

Sean and I in matching shirts
at Pirates rehearsal

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Math Homework

I have just spent way too much of my life doing my math homework. My brain is fried. I should stay up and write my paper for Honors but instead I think I will go to bed and wake up early and write it tomorrow morning. I always tend to produce better writing first thing in the morning. My mind is fresh and ready for the day, thinking about last night's dreams and what's to come throughout the day. I'm so glad I don't have late night classes. I'm such an old person. I get tired so early in the night. I've been doing well to get up fairly early in the mornings too which is good because I'm more productive. I enjoy having classes starting at 11 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because I have time to clean or do homework before I get ready for the day. I better get to bed if I want to wake up fairly early tomorrow! Goodnight!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing someone...

Being in a long distance relationship with a man in the military who lives across the country, three time zones away, and in California definitely is far from easy but usually is tolerable to handle.
Tonight though is one of those nights where it's hard for me. I'm so tired I just want someone to lay down next to me and hug me, I'd like my best friend here to make me laugh or say something that will at least make me smile. I want to sit here and talk to him about random things that don't matter or other things that do.
A huge thing that makes this even more difficult is that he has never been on this campus and never has any idea of the places I'm talking about, nor has he ever met any of my friends other than via Skype so he can only imagine what these people are like.  He's never stepped foot into my world, only the one I used to live in back home, which is another thing that makes this so hard. He has no presence here. Yeah there's pictures of us up around my room, and I have a couple of his sweatshirts lying around, but the pictures don't move, and the sweatshirts don't smell like him. A picture can't capture the laugh he has when I say something incredibly dorky but funny. Wearing his sweatshirt won't make up for the warmth I feel when he holds me in his arms.

I love hanging out with my roommate and all my other friends. I love my life here at UMaine, but sometimes it can be really hard. It's hard to be so far away from the one person I enjoy being with the most and it's especially hard only seeing him once or twice a year.
I'm usually a really strong independent person when it comes to this. Just once in a great while I get like this. I break down like a normal human being and have trouble handling it. I really am proud of myself for how well I cope with being in a long distance relationship. I have a good friend in one that just sits in his room doing nothing or talking to his girlfriend all day and night despite many invitations to do otherwise. I also have seen people not be able to resist temptation. I am proud of myself for putting myself out there and meeting new people and not letting my lack of a boyfriend here get me down. I allow myself to have fun all while remaining faithful.
Alright I think this episode of sorrow is over for now. Writing it down got it out of my system. Time to get some sleep and start a new day. Goodnight!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I forgot to post yesterday after I got out of rehearsal! Yesterday I took this picture.
I love the environment at UMaine. It's just little things like this or sidewalk chalk writings that make me smile. I am definitely reassured I made the right decision to come here.

Tonight I went bowling with my roommate, her boyfriend, her brother who's here for the weekend, and our friend Geo. I haven't been bowling in forever and it was pretty fun! I'm super tired now and I have to wake up early to go to a work call for the musical tomorrow so I will just end this with pictures from tonight!

My roommate Kaitlin and I

Me and Corey

Kyle and Kaitlin

Kaitlin and Geo

Me and Geo

Kaitlin and me

Corey and Kaitlin